Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú, who is a co-founder of the Irish Rural Dwellers' Association, has said that, with an united front and a generous vision, Rural Ireland has a bright future. The days of apathy are gone and there is now a vibrant determination on the part of rural dwellers to seek equality and opportunities for this and future generations. 

“For years,” Senator Ó Murchú said in the Seanad, “We witnessed the plight of rural Ireland with an exodus of young people to urban areas and to other countries. Now, with people expressing a confidence in rural Ireland and wanting to live there, the planning code must facilitate them and enable them to reclaim their heritage. For too long we were saddened by the sight of deserted homesteads - a monument to oppression and deprivation - but now the wheel is coming full circle.” 

This, the Senator contends, is not about bad planning but, in fact, good planning. The detrimental consequences of super-urbanisation is now manifesting itself and will be more evident in years to come.