“To-day's ceremony is a symbolic one as it represents a confluence of eras and ideals. It demonstrates a desire to move forward in unison towards a just, peaceful and final solution to the national question.” 

This was stated by Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú, when he unveiled a plaque in Anglesboro to the memory of Major-General Donncha O'Hannigan. Donncha O'Hannigan was one of the foremost leaders in the War of Independence and is credited with the establishment of the first Flying Column ever. He took the pro-Treaty side in the Civil War but spent the rest of his life endeavouring to heal wounds between old comrades. 

Senator Ó Murchú said that after the Civil War Major-General Donncha O'Hannigan was instrumental in the establishment of the Federation of Old IRA Veterans to try and heal the wounds and divisions left from that painful part of our history. 

One of the prime objectives of the Good Friday Agreement, Senator Ó Murchú said, is that all people of goodwill strive to eliminate all causes of destructive division whether historical or political. To-day's ceremony of reconciliation is another marker on the road to harmony and peaceful co-existence. 

Continuing, Senator Ó Murchú said that our fervent wish is that the goodwill which is manifested here in Anglesboro to-day may also find an echo in the North of Ireland. 

“It is to be expected that the momentous progress which has flowed from the Good Friday Agreement would meet the odd rocky patch given the age-old problem which it seeks to resolve. It is unthinkable that we would ever return to the dark days which had plagued our island for too long.”