Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú 

“Our Unionist neighbours have nothing to fear from a country united for the common good and for the general welfare of all traditions on his island.” According to Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú speaking at the the Annual Dinner of the 1916-1921 Club. 

Addressing the several hundred guests in Dublin Castle, Senator Ó Murchú said that there was no obstacle, real or imaginary, which could not be surmounted by positive leadership, courageous vision and mutual respect.

“Since the last time I addressed your annual event there has been a radical change in the political process and attitudes,” Senator Ó Murchú said. 

“We live in exciting times of immense opportunities. The road before us is clearer now than perhaps at any time in our history. 

We have the road map to justice, peace and common purpose. It behoves all people of goodwill to make this journey together, confident in the knowledge that the prize is beyond compare.” 

One of he prime objectives of he Good Friday Agreement, he said , was that all people of goodwill would strive to eliminate all causes of destructive division whether historical or political.

Senator Ó Murchú continued, “As the new political order winds its way along the road of a just solution to a long-standing historical injustice, Ireland's revered patriots' tenacity and determination will be milestones on that journey. Their dream of one people and one nation, while embracing diverse traditions, is still a noble and practical aspiration.

“In a global setting, where Ireland has a respected status, it will require all the dedication, talents and unity of purpose to ensure that the nation's distinctive sovereignty would survive and prosper among the powerful nations of the world. We owe our determination to achieve this to our noble ancestors and to our vibrant new generation.”